Eric Wolf

Eric Wolf came to the Conservation Management Institute in 2004 as a natural resource professional with broad experience planning, coordinating, and conducting research and managing projects in cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders.   Eric is a Cum Laude Graduate of Virginia Tech’s Forestry and Wildlife Resources program with a Biology minor and earned a Master’s Degree in Wildlife Science from Texas Tech University tracking and modeling elk movements in the southern Rockies.  His projects at CMI include endangered species management, water quality and stream bioassessment including mussel, fish, and macroinvertebrate sampling, GIS application and modeling, erosion management, vegetation monitoring, habitat assessment, and forest inventory. Eric has extensive experience with animal capture and handling including ungulates, small, meso-, and large mammals, bats, birds, reptiles, and amphibians; and wildlife inventory methodologies including aerial and ground-based telemetry. His research interests include endangered species conservation; wildlife habitat assessment and management; ecosystem function; animal behavior and movement; and environmental education.

Wildlife Habitat Associations

Animal Behavior and Movement

Ecosystem Function

Habitat Assessment and Management

Endangered Species Conservation

B.S. Forestry and Wildlife Resources - Virginia Tech

M.S. in Wildlife Science - Texas Tech University

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