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Plant Ecology

Plant ecology has been a core project and research topic, both domestically and internationally, for the Conservation Management Institute since our inception in 2000. We investigate how individual plant species and more complex plant communities interact with both the abiotic and biotic environment. Much of our work has involved the exploring how disturbance affects the reproductive biology of individual plant species, diversity of plant functional groups, and plant community dynamics. In addition, we seek to understand how individual plant species, plant functional groups, and plant communities influence ecological processes. We use this understanding to assist both public and private landowners in the assessment, quantification, and management of their vegetation resources. 

CMI crew measuring vegetation

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Check out "Early Successional habitats" the plants and critters you'll find in your weedy backyard" presented at the 2016 Wildwood Park Lecture Series with the link below!

Early successional habitats.pdf