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Jennifer Weber

Project Associate
Jennifer Weber in field with flowers
801 University City Blvd Ste 12
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0534
  • phone: (540) 231-7348

Jennifer Weber is a field ecologist with CMI, where she specializes in pollinator ecology. She received her BS in Zoology/Conservation Biology (2014) and MS in Biology (2018) with a focus in stream ecology and ecophysiology from Auburn University. While pursuing her degrees, she worked on a variety of research projects, including small mammal and insect surveys in the desert southwest, bird and freshwater invertebrate conservation in the southeast, and Eastern Indigo snake reintroduction efforts in south Alabama. She previously worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on pollinator biodiversity surveys in the tall and shortgrass prairies of North Dakota. She also has 5+ years of experience working in natural history collections, handling tasks ranging from collections management to outreach and education. Her research interests include bee and butterfly biodiversity and conservation, invasive species biology, and the importance of natural history collections in conservation and education.