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Morgan Harris

Eastern Hellbender Private Lands Biologist - North Carolina

Morgan Harris earned his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology and Ecology in 2012 and a Master of Science in Biology in 2014 at Appalachian State University. As a graduate student, Morgan was involved in research that ranged from avian behavioral ecology to stream macroinvertebrates, but the work that captivated him the most was always surveying for 'ol Lasagna Sides, or Hellbenders (snot otters, allegheny alligator, devil dog...etc), as they are more well known. Much of Morgan's career thus far has been dedicated to Hellbender conservation through stream restoration projects and deployment of nest boxes to help bolster Hellbender populations. He is dedicated to recovering Hellbender populations because he believes that Snot Otters are an extremely important part of the aquatic ecosystem here in the North Carolina Mountains and are an equally important character in Appalachian culture. Morgan is excited to be a part of the Southeastern Hellbender Conservation Initiative because this project represents a real win-win for humans, hellbenders, and all the other species that inhabit our incredibly biodiverse Appalachian streams. Aquatic biodiversity represents the most threatened group of animals in the world and working to protect their environment is of utmost importance.